Become a Mary Kay Consultant – Read Mary Kay Cosmetics Reviews

Mary Kay products deal with skin care, make up and body care. The World Headquarters is located in Addison, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The Company was founded in September 1963 and went public in 1968. It now has branches in a number of countries. The Brand is world famous and the products are sold in a large number of countries in various continents. Care is taken to ensure that local trends and preferences are incorporated in products sold in different counties/regions. The Brand products meet the latest trends in make up and skin care.

Skin care products are essential to keep your skin radiant, fresh and without any flaws. Different skins require varied treatment. Weather and climate are also important factors for skin care. Skin care products include anti-aging items, cleansers, moisturizer, items for lip and eye care and for any other specific requirements.

For make up there are products for eyes, lips, cheeks, foundations, concealing, powders, compacts, applicators and highlighter pens. Mary Kay has collection of items in large number of colors and shades. The users can choose the shade/color depending on the season, occasion and mood!! SPA and body care products include sun care collection and fragrances, for both men and women. There are a number of new products as well.

Mary Kay products are exclusively available through independent Beauty Consultants. It is possible to easily locate independent beauty consultants using zip code on the Brand website. The Brand products can be ordered in person, on line or by phone.

You can also become a Mary Kay Independent nicole pearl Beauty Consultant and, part of a 1.7 million community worldwide. You can sell Mary Kay quality products from home on days and times convenient to you, on full time or part time basis. Thus you will be able to enjoy the flexibility of working hours.

In conclusion, Mary Kay is a legitimate business that has been on the scene for sometime now. That being said, it is still a MLM or multi level marketing opportunity. With a MLM you are typically encouraged to start prospecting within your family and friends and often asked to attend hotel meetings. You may also be encouraged to have meetings in your home to promote the opportunity or the products. It is up to you to determine if you see yourself working within this type of system.”

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