Category Six Record Breaking Super Hurricane Wilma

The Hurricane Scale for Hurricanes has a limit and that is CAT V or category five. Now Hurricane Wilma originally tied the second most powerful Hurricane ever, which was the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, which hit the Florida Keys that was before they named Hurricanes but as you probably guessed it was around Labor Day in 1935. The other more powerful Hurricane 2kbaby was of course Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 with a low-pressure area center of only 888 mb. Both the Labor Day Hurricane and Hurricane Wilma had low-pressure areas made of 892 mb.

Now at 5 AM Miami Hurricane Center has proclaimed that Super Hurricane Wilma has lowered its pressure to only 884, making it the most record breaking Hurricane ever created in the History of Western World Weather Records. So then what do you call a Super Recorded breaking Hurricane like that?

I propose in the 2005 Record Breaking Hurricane Season that we add a Category to the Saffir-Simpson Scale, which starts at 175 mph and goes to 195 mph and lets call it a CAT Six Super Hurricane. Record-breaking Typhoons are called; “Super Typhoons” so it is fitting that we modify the Saffir Simpson Scale to show the true picture of Hurricanes such as the Record Breaking Super Hurricane Wilma. A Category Six Hurricane. Think about it.

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