Costa Rica Villa Rentals Or Resort Vacations

In addition to the numerous decisions one must undertake when planning a vacation in today’s eco-diverse travel sector, is the selection between making a reservation with a mainstream Costa Rican resort that initially appears safer, less expensive, and a more secure option than that of a private villa – that for the money is a better alternative – read on to learn more. Contrary to popular belief is the fact that making a reservation with a villa is frequently just as easy as with a resort, as many travel agents and online travel engines facilitate these villa reservations and are highly secure as is the case in Recreo Villas in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The growing fashion toward the villa industry in Costa Rica revolves around the individual flexibility that these luxury properties are able to offer, additional perks (Over that of a resort), amenities and that they are much more private than that of resort. As if that were not enough to change your mind -in more cases than not – villas are significantly CHEAPER on a cost-per-night basis than their rival resorts and especially at Recreo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. As hard as they may seem on the surface – statistics prove villas are on average 20% cheaper than resorts.

Recreo Costa Rica

Recreo Villas is one of most exlusive private villas in Costa Rica. Each of the secluded bungalow, suites and villas are uniquely positioned on a sixty-three acre villa estate. Imagine if you will that each of the three bedrooms to five bedroom villas is unique and spacious in their own-right with private pool and full kitchens. The definition of “Enough space”, for Recreo Villas, is when a guest inquires if they are the only guests on the estate when Recreo is fully booked. Master bedrooms with king size beds, big kitchens, gigantic bathrooms, oversized bath towels, a large assortment of premium bathing products, humungous 360 degree views, and a lot of individual space. Comparible “resort” accommodations costs on average for the same amount of space and guests, fifty to one hundred and twenty-five dollars more per night at well known resorts. (Independant study of 10 major resorts in Costa Rica).

Recreo’s private luxury villas offer far more than just more space when compared to a resort. The Villas are surrounded by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, with every evening offering the best of nature with serene and peaceful sunsets and all right in the middle of the massive rain forests and natural wildlife. For many past guests – Recreo Luxury Villas is their personal home-away-from-home.

One of the paramount points about staying in a Recreo private luxury villa is the privacy you’ll enjoy for a group of any size. Privacy at the villas is a key difference when compared to resorts, where in a resort the “public” areas are usually very crowded and far too many people abound. In the Recreo Villas, seldom, if ever, do our guests meet one another, unless they are in a group together. So, if you are a party of two or a party of sixty there is plenty of privacy in these beautiful villas that will fill your vacation requirements. We encourage you to visit Travelocity and search for Recreo Costa Rica, so that you may view first hand what past guests say about our private luxurious get-away. The while you are there review the costs of a resort over Recreo Vills and you will see first hand the savings that may be witnessed between the two.

With the on-set of the Internet, reserving a resort or villa in Costa Rica has become easier however is not without its issues. Typically and all too often website’s about or with information pertaining specifically to resorts either present the resorts in a manner that is simply not true or worse are not the actual resort property at all. Many authoritative on-line travel Websites abound with horror stories from jaded travelers cautioning against this scenario with resorts. cozyturtlerv The other issue with renting with a resort becomes apparent if you are seeking an untraditional reservation of more than a typical one bedroom suite. If you happen to be a family or group larger than four it is oftentimes very difficult to get rooms situation together which makes it harder to enjoy each others time. This situation is the dilemma of wanting to have multiple rooms reserved and located together.

Conversely different is the abundance of information that one can find online for Recreo luxury villas. Here you will find a plethora of photographs, specific information and the ability to contact the Villas directly with issues that are specific to you such as; dietary concerns, exact locations and views from your sepcific reserved villa(s). Recreo will provide you with the name of your private chef that will prepare your every meal and even what time to meet your driver at the airport. Everything is preplanned before your arrival to ensure there are abslutley no surprises upon your arrival. Many resorts simply await for your arrival before they decide whom goes where and when.

Incorrect Space

Another commonly experienced situation for those making reservations with a resort is the confusion at the resort upon the arrival to the resort and lack-of the correct amount of rooms that are inter-connected. Many new arrivals are stuck in the reception area, waiting, while the resort staff scurries around trying to figure out available accommodations, even when the travelers were assured before hand with advanced reservations by the resort. This is the result of poor communication between travel agents, resort staff and online reservations, even if you made advanced reservations they are not fully solidified until your arrival to the resort. Immediately those filled with excitement initially upon arrival to a resort, are typically left disillusioned by their misrepresented resort accommodations.

Villa or Resort

Naturally the choice is yours. Having total control of your reservations is just one of the primary advantages to renting with Recreo Luxury Villas versus a Guanacaste Costa Rica Resort. You know and understand your schedule better than a travel agent and the type of accommodations you enjoy and are longing for in a spacious and luxurious Villa in Costa Rica. The freedom of choice, the multitude of selections of villas for a group of practically any size and all without the hassles of misinformed travel agents or resort staff are yours for the taking. It is no wonder that many are drawn to the ease of reserving their space online. You can do so as well at Recreo Costa Rica and discover your home away from home in one of the most luxury filled and private Costa Rica Villas – Recreo Costa Rica.

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