Country Cupolas Add an Elegant Touch to Your Beautiful Home

Cupolas have been used, for centuries, to accent homes, barns and churches. Adding a touch of elegance and breaking up the flat lines of a roof, they draw attention and add a sense of age and mystery to what might, otherwise, seem a rather plain rooftop. Cupolas can be made of many materials, though older examples were crafted of wood, with intricate little windows often decorating the sides.

Modern cupolas are frequently made of fiberglass these the-beautiful-home days, better able to withstand high winds of up to 120 mph and the accompanying poor weather. Whatever your preference is, almost any size and shape of cupolas can be found – though some all-time favorites include the unique bell-shaped, gazebo-shaped or English-style cupolas. Whatever style you prefer, when choosing your cupolas, the general rule to keep in mind, is that your cupola should measure 1 inch for every 1 foot of unbroken roof line. Choosing a cupola that is too small for the size of your house will make it appear less like the cupola you desire, and more like someone’s misplaced birdhouse.

Cupolas are usually easy to mount, using screws. If you’re worried about putting holes in your roof, and the risk of it leaking plugs can be used to keep the hole nice and tight, and a small dab of silicone or sealant will ensure it’s watertight. Some people choose to further enhance their cupolas, by adding wooden or copper finials to the top, which grants a more elegant touch. Also commonly found atop cupolas are stylish wrought iron or copper weather vanes which add height and beauty to your roof.

Whatever your preference, there is always a cupola for you. Made of fiberglass, vinyl, copper, mahogany, cedar and many other materials, they are sure to add an elegant touch to your beautiful home.

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