How I Use Facebook to Generate Free Leads

Facebook; what a great avenue, to not only form relationships but to also generate FREE leads. However there are many people out there using Facebook all wrong and need to understand some keys to drawing people to you. This is my second article on using Facebook to generate free leads, the other being “Secrets To Facebook and Generating Free Leads”. I highly recommend reading it.

Now obviously we are all different in many ways, but their are certain laws of attraction that are found in all cultures and people groups across the globe. When applied, you will increase the amount of people that will hunt you down and not the opposite. Here are ways I personally use get more leads facebook to generate free leads, as well as develop strong relationships.

My Posts (Whats on your mind?):

When writing whats on my mind, I generally always write words of encouragement, using quotes or phrases from various people. You would be surprised how many people, comment and thank me for them. You are accomplishing two things here: You are establishing yourself as someone who cares, and as a leader. Very important factor in drawing people to you!!! Do NOT take this lightly. My post, do not consist of, “Im exhausted… nap time for me”, or “WTHeck!!!!!!!! Snow again??? Sheesh. I got somewhere to be, so stop snowing!” I hope you get the idea here, and these are real posts that I just came across.

You want their to be purpose behind what you are putting up there. Please don’t get me wrong, I will at times put up something light-hearted or funny but I am consistent with encouraging people daily. You start to see the same people posting comments, and what you are doing is drawing a following to a degree. Over time more and more people are looking for your posts.

So when I put up a post like this: “Getting ready to go on tour….. Florida (March) / Arizona (April) / Oklahoma (May) / Caribbean (June) / San Diego (July)” I get tons of people asking me how I can do this, or why or is it for work or pleasure? My response in the comments portion with theirs: “I’m touring because I can, mainly visiting family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be working too, but that’s the beauty of my job.”

There has not been one post from me promoting my business directly, but now, I have people seeking me out and wanting to know what I do and how they can do the same. This not only puts me in a leadership position but also this method will not damage relationships with friends. The laws of attraction are so affective when used in this way.

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