Prophecy – Discernment and Prophetic Assignments

Prophetic ministry is coming into maturity in this season. There will be prophets similar to John the Baptist that God will raise up, who will bring whole nations back to an encounter with God. One of the important tasks that the Holy Spirit is doing now is bringing greater wisdom and discernment into prophetic ministry. You as a prophet will need to operate with a greater measure of spiritual discernment in the assignments God gives you in the coming days. Get ready for this increase.

There are two spiritual kingdoms operating in this world namely; the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. Born again Christian Believers need to understand the kingdom principles that God has established, so they can exercise their prophetic gifts effectively. In this article, I want to help you sharpen your prophetic discernment so the dynamic power of God can supernaturally operate through you in every God given assignment.

Discernment begins with understanding mankind’s relationship with either of these two kingdoms. We are told very clearly in the Holy Bible that people either belong to God’s Kingdom or they belong to Satan’s Kingdom. Some readers will react to that statement but that is God’s statement not mine. See the references below for Biblical textual confirmation of that statement. ( 1 John 3: 9, 10) If a person has placed their trust in Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and are walking out that relationship daily, then they are in relationship with God and part of His Kingdom. On the other hand, if someone has not then they need to turn away from their sin or sinful self and back to God. Now here is where discernment is needed in prophecy. When we prophesy restoration are we attempting to fraudantly bless the sinful actions and its spiritual consequences of those that God is judging; or are we aligning ourselves with God so that He can dismantle sinful strongholds and restore people back to Himself?

I have seen and heard prophetic voices declaring blessing over the calamities in the world that are occurring. That may sound like a correct prophetic word, unless the calamities the prophecy is trying to address are occurring as a result of human rebellion and sinful actions. Will God honour that kind of prophetic word of restoration and blessing? Not likely, until the root cause of the spiritual problem is resolved with Him. Resolution calls for repentance or turning back to God and seeking His forgiveness first. This step of repentance then leads to a personal commitment which brings a long term relationship with Him and that will honour Him. It is then that Request prophetic word blessings can be declared and invoked by the prophet because that aligns your word with what God has established. If you are prophesying exclusively to the people of God then there is really no limits on what God can do with and through His people, but in this world there is a distinction. This distinction between the people in God’s Kingdom and those who choose Satan’s Kingdom is pivotal in prophetic discernment.

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