Top 10 Attractions in Melaka

A’ Famosa

This fort is definitely the icon of the historical state and is a must-see and a great photo opportunity. There are many other historical sites in this area.

Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum

This quaint house has been turned into a museum that allows you to walk through the hallways and experience the lifestyle, culture and heritage of this unique community. Step inside and discover more about the traditions and see the many displays that will definitely mesmerize you.

St. Paul’s

This is a must-visit while in Places to visit Melaka. The view from the hill top here is spectacular and this destination promises an exciting insight into the history of the area.

River Cruise

The riverside has been transformed from a small ordinary village to a tourist destination that promises an exciting day by the river front. This is a great destination for families and loved ones as you enjoy boat rides take in the scenic views and enjoy the local cuisine by the river side.

D’ Paradise

This is definitely a paradise for those interested in seeing local fruit trees. The orchards promise you an amazing experience as you walk around discovering the local fruits.

A’ Famosa Water World

The historical city of Melaka gets fun and exciting here. This is a perfect destination for the family to enjoy a day of fun-filled excitement as you take on the many rides and water activities in the park.

Cultural Museum

There are naturally many museums in this historical state. While you cannot possibly be visiting them all, the Cultural Museum has to make it into your schedule. This museum promises you a better insight into the history of the Malaccan Sultanate, the culture and heritage and customs of the time.

Jonker Street

Jonker Street is the place to be if you are looking for an exciting experience exploring all things fun and local. This street is a great place to get bargains, taste the local delights and see the best of heritage and culture.

Bukit Cina

This hill is a grave site that is surrounded in myth and legends concerning the Malaccan Sultanate and his Chinese Princess. This is a historical site and a good place to visit if you are a history enthusiast.

Pulau Besar

The beauty here is definitely breath taking. The scenic view of the horizon, the clear blue water and white sand are just some of the great reasons to relax and enjoy a romantic gateway here.

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