What Pinoys Are Looking For In Their OPM Songs

Us, Filipinos value music so much that we already have a set of our own criteria whether the song will be a hit or a miss. Notice how there are some OPM songs that do not make it to the cut and not that well-loved and appreciated by the Pinoys? Artists and composers must know that there are some special things that us, Pinoys, are specifically looking for in our OPM songs. What are those?

1) Famous, Fresh-faced Celebrity
Admit it, what we notice first especially when we are watching an OPM song on the television is the singer, and the song itself only comes second. Pinoys are looking for the famous fresh-faced celebrity that will sing the song for them and make them feel like they are serenaded. Take for example, Daniel Padilla’s “Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat”. It is loved and well-received by the Pinoy masses because Daniel Padilla is the freshest and most famous teen celebrity right now in the Philippines. Imagine the song being sang by a new and upcoming singer, I do not think it would really appeal that much and make it as big as it is compared to Daniel Padilla singing it. We love celebrities so much and we have that cute crushes on them that seeing them just having their adorable faces and moves while singing for us make it impossible for us to resist them! Right?

2) Relatable Lyrics
Who have not already sung their hearts out with an OPM song? I guess we all did! We all have our own favorite OPM songs that we will always treasure and have a place in our heart. Most OPM songs that are consistent in the top spot have one thing in common: Pinoy Teleserye Pinoys love them and can relate with them. Feeling broken hearted? Cry your heart out while singing the famous karaoke song “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita?” by Roselle Nava, in love with a friend and afraid of falling even deeper? Belt out the “Paano Na Kaya?” song by Bugoy Drillon, or if you have that special crush on someone who you think is perfect despite of being simple, sing that “Simpleng Tulad Mo” by Daniel Padilla. The thing is, no matter what you are feeling and no matter what your current mood is, there are tons of OPM songs for you!

3) Catchy Tunes
I am one of the people who are actually surprised about Maja Salvador’s newest song and album, but I must admit, I love it! It’s catchy tune definitely is a winner for me. Try listening to Maja Salvador’s “Dahan Dahan” in case you still haven’t. We love good catchy and upbeat music every now and then especially while we are on hiatus listening to senti ones. Let us not forget the songs that every generation in the Philippines knows. Bayani Agbayani’s “Ocho, Ocho”, Vhong Navarro’s feel-good novelty song “Pamela One”, and Willie Revillame’s “Boom Tarat Tarat!”. All these are still sang, danced and enjoyed by many Pinoys around the world because of their catchy tunes.

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